The things I do when I'm bored...

Yes, tumblr is one of them

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The best pranks don’t scare or annoy, they make the victim question their own sanity.

> I would doubt my sanity too after seeing a photo pop out of a polaroid fully developed.

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"Kakuzu was the best at it though, because he’d say the most ridiculous stuff and stay perfectly in character the whole time. Everybody on set would start laughing."


Naruto is filmed live with actors and a fantastic sfx team, and basically all of the Akatsuki and favorite characters get to live because they’re just actors now.

Obvious screenshot paintovers and refs are obvious

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pyramise asked: How would Wade (or even any of the other Mini Avengers) act if he ended up wearing The Mask? (ala the '94 Jim Carrey movie :D, yes i may have spent a lot of time recently watching old movies, ooooh hopefully you know this movie :O)


My childhood~

I don’t even want to think about Wade with the mask on